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My name is gian and I'm from fort collins, colorado.

in 2018 I bought my first camera and started my journey as a filmmaker. I had a full-time job at the time and wanted to explore the filmmaking world as a hobby. The more I explored the more I fell in love with every aspect of it. From Pre to Post-Production, I would spend hours watching tutorials and researching about the filmmaking world.

in february of 2021 i decided to start "gli productions" and let me tell you it has been an amazing ride! My career thus-far has allowed me to work with some incredible people and businesses. I consider my career to be one of the most rewarding, giving me the opportunity to capture moments in real time and help businesses grow.

Your vision is extremely important to me. my goal as your videographer is to capture it in its best light.


In other words: my mission is to make your vision a reality.

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